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A Magical Spin to the Showboat Experience

Sydney Showboat Magic

The show aboard Sydney Showboats is just so big and glamorous that you tend to overlook the contribution of the lovable Mr Showboat and his interactive magic acts that simply leave you stumped! He ain’t no modern-day Harry Houdini or David Copperfield, but he has what it takes to amaze audiences with acts that amuse the ear, deceive the eye and astonish the mind! 

Going back in time, you’ll see that primeval people found ‘magic’ in any inexplicable phenomenon. A simple bolt of lightning or a crash of thunder was considered a ‘magical act’ by a higher power. But, take the mysticism out of primeval mystery, add elements of humour, surprise, flamboyance and voila… you have present-day magic and entertainment!

Under normal circumstances, no one likes to be fooled; but with magic, you actually enjoy being stupefied by tricks that are most often just a careful flick of the wrist. You know there’s no supernatural element at play, but you still drop your jaw in amazement when you see the antics of a crafty magician!

The Showboat Sydney Harbour cruise goes all out to delight its guests with gourmet dining, spectacular views and a fantastic cabaret show executed to perfection by an all-Australian ensemble. And, the Showboat magician is definitely the icing on the cake!

The world of magic is like an ocean, but Mr. Showboat’s passion lies in sleight of hand and mentalism which he executes with great skill and finesse. With an air of flamboyance, laced with suave style and classic wit, Mr. Showboat lends a whole new perspective to deception. So much so, that at the end of the day, you may rethink your perception of ‘magic’ as being a silly job with a silly hat!

It really is no wonder that Showboat guests are wonderstruck by the jovial personality and mesmerising acts of the lovable Mr. Showboat… a magician/comedian who can tickle your ribs and distort reality right before your very eyes!

Posted on September 28, 2015

by Sydney Showboats

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