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Catch the Famous Cabaret Show in Australia On Board Sydney Showboats Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise Sydney

Sydney’s one and only Showboat is a fully air-conditioned vessel with theatrical interiors and vintage-style wrap-around verandahs that promises a surreal cruising experience on Sydney Harbour. Join us on board the unique harbour cruise for a special dinner experience on Sydney Harbour and get front-row seats to Australia's longest-running cabaret show ‘The Voyage of Love’. Performed by talented Aussie songstresses, dancers and follies, the show features the traditional French cabaret in Australian garbs. The Showboat dinner cruise in Sydney offers an unforgettable evening of fine dining and entertainment, never failing to impress almost anyone who cares to visit. So what really makes Showboat so special?

Sydney is hailed for its unique and novel ideas—be it in terms of art, dining or spending quality time for yourself or with your loved ones. The Sydney Harbour dinner cruise takes you back in time, to a bygone era conjured by the vibrant cabaret show, the iconic paddlewheeler and the white purpose-built exterior of the Showboat. And today the concept of ‘floating theatre’ spearheaded by the Sydney Showboats dinner cruise, is a great win for both the tourists and locals alike as it assures a thrilling evening in the city.From the moment you’re welcomed on board the harbour cruise by the sensuous follies to savouring a scrumptious dinner freshly prepared by experienced chefs, the Showboat offers a transcendental experience unlike any other dining venues in Sydney. Take yourself on board the Showboat for a fabulous dining experience that not only entices your taste buds but also transports you through the streets of Paris, the blues dens of New York to the Indian landscapes of suburban Mumbai.

With a long-running history that runs back to 1987, the Showboat makes the bold claim that theirs is the only show in town. The 1-hour long cabaret show, although having foreign roots, is quintessentially Australian as it weaves together the universal languages of love, music and dance with Australian sensibilities. Watch the popular dance routines from lands near and far performed by the stunning artists and get your feet tapping to the groovy numbers. From the sultry Vegas vibes to the upbeat Bollywood tunes, the Brazilian carnival energy and the fiery Spanish Flamenco, the show introduces you to the myriad dance forms in a celebratory choreography.

Taking you back into the 1800s where extravagance meets elegance, the show features artists in a dynamic cavalcade of changing costumes and swift performances. The Showboat Prelude pays a tribute to the stars from the eighties with a Latino dance inspired from Cuba. Be mesmerised by the New York musical brew featuring the blues dens, jazz halls and rock concerts that gives you a slice of Broadway’s extravagance and New York’s entertainment scene. The audacious cabaret also brings to life creative art forms such as the French CanCan, Egyptian Sufi Dhikr, Spanish Flamenco, Brazilian Samba, Choro, and Bossa Nova. It is truly a breathtaking experience that will leave you spellbound and inspired about life. On a final note, the cabaret features a unique segment that is innately Australian. Feel connected to your homeland with the popular melodies and patriotic overtones that will land you in a nostalgic mood at the end of the show.

Celebrate your presence on Sydney Harbour by joining us on board and take a trip into worlds far away within a short period of time. With individual reserved tables and personalised waiter service, we offer perfection at every touch point. Moreover, the pillarless theatre-style interiors of the vessel gives you uninterrupted views of the show from any seat on board. Sign-up for the must-do attraction in Sydney right away to promise yourself an exhilarating night. Book your tickets today!

Posted on October 01, 2020

by Sydney Showboats

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