Cool Dining Destinations You Should Visit in Sydney

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Sydney is known for its many exceptional dining options, seasoned by its vibrant multiculturalism. And it is in human nature to find pleasure in exploring new ways of dining, making Sydney an attractive destination for foodies. The best thing about this city is that you don’t have to travel very far to find varieties of NSW’s best food, wine and drinks. The renowned harbourside itself is home to some tens and hundreds of restaurants with unmatched reputation. From waterfront restaurants and floating restaurants such as the Sydney Harbour dinner cruises to restaurants high up above from the ground, you will be spoiled for choices when looking for a place to dine out in Sydney. 

Harbourside is one of the best places in Sydney to celebrate the good things in life—food, romance, family, friendship and more. You will find a number of restaurants here, offering a great view of the harbour attractions and the glistening waters. You can also take in the gorgeous city skyline and relish your food amidst the buzz of Sydney Harbour while you enjoy dining at the iconic waterfront cafes, restaurants, bars and food court. Australian Cruise Group, among the numerous other dining destinations in Sydney, has been a much sought-after option. To speak of the ideal restaurant ambience offered on board our cruises, a harbour cruise dinner with your closest people is a way to give yourself a break from the routine life. We offer a freshly prepared dinner combined with sightseeing and entertainment, all at an affordable price. For a truly reminiscent experience, get on board Sydney Showboats—an authentic paddlewheeler with an irresistible old-world charm—to indulge in a delicious gourmet dinner and a riveting cabaret show performed by talented Australian dancers, songstresses and follies. For a late night dining experience too, our cruises are a great harbourside option that will leave you mesmerised for the night! We are also a great location for hosting celebrations, not to forget, we offer an array of event packages too. 

A typical dining experience in Sydney is sure to offer you the best of both worlds—enjoy authentic Australian dishes with a modern twist to it! Head over to Parramatta, Sydney’s second CBD, to experience the natural beauty of the river and see a number of World Heritage-listed sites. The dining scene in Parramatta is also a major attraction, known for its fantastic selection of restaurants that bring you experimental dishes. For an avid foodie who loves experimenting, Parramatta is the ultimate choice you can have in the city as it spans all cuisines, from Asian to French and everything in between.  

Another well-known dining precinct, which is less than an hour’s drive from the harbourside, is Surry Hills. This vibrant inner city suburb of Sydney is where you can come to enjoy a great cup of coffee or chill out at a pub. From award winning restaurants to cosy places to have a lazy lunch, Surry Hills is surely a drawcard for the foodies in town. Most of the restaurants, cafes and bars here are featured in the national Good Food Guide, making it an even more exciting dining precinct in Sydney. Located just a few minutes away from Surry Hills is Newtown, the hip inner city neighbourhood of Sydney. Newtown has a reputation for being the heart of the city’s alternative scene—be it in terms of arts, food and culture. What makes you linger around the streets of Newtown is its pulsating hip vibes; imagine dining at one of the restaurants here facing the colourful graffiti. 

An elaborate food tour around Sydney would be a truly blissful way to know the city’s heart, its pulse and more. And we hope this helps you find your charm to start your journey right away!

Posted on April 01, 2021

by Sydney Showboats

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