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Dine where the skies kiss the seas- Dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour

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With the advent of eclectic dining, focus tends to be drawn towards novelty and away from the actual dining experience. Call me old-fashioned but I believe the most important aspect of the restaurant experience is the food.

With a setting so immaculate and an ambience as unparalleled and illustrious, this Sydney Harbour dinner cruise combines the best of both worlds - great location and delectable fine dining. Toss in a cabaret show in the mix and that’s the recipe for a great evening. The authentic paddlewheeler backdrop redefines old-world glamour, almost as though one’s viewing the yesteryears through a modern lens.

With a jovial and warm welcome by the Showboat follies in vibrant costumes, you’ll be escorted to your reserved tables. So much like restaurant-style dining, yet so different. The standout feature that sets a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise apart from a waterfront restaurant, are the sweeping views of the harbour. From the comfort of your table, enjoy vistas of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. With a dedicated team committed to serve you and a high-quality dining experience in tow, your nightout on the picturesque harbour has just begun. As soon as you’re seated, a platter of entrées to be shared between two guests is brought out. Tantalise your palate with flavours of the cold entrée platter that’s certain to transport you to a gastronomic utopia.

The journey begins with the smoked briny undertones of the beautifully-plated smoked salmon rosettes, offset ever so poetically by a fresh and flavour-packed contemporary Caesar salad. Bite-sized flavour explosions continue in the form of piquant grilled teriyaki chicken tulipsand butterflied prawns flavoured exquisitely with garlic, herb and chilli.

Entrée platter on Sydney Showboats

At this juncture, feel free to stroll the outer decks of the paddlewheeler capturing dynamic harbour views from your unique vantage point on this Sydney dinner cruise. The imposing Harbour Bridge and the diaphanous sails of the Opera House stand proud against the Sydney skyline. The sweeping views will have you transfixed, but the main course awaits and the wafting aromas from the kitchen on board are sure to get you back to your seats!

Lying on a bed of radicchio, kipfler potatoes, kale and mustard is a juicy Australian veal cutlet, writing about which alone, has me salivating. Paired best with a Rosé wine (Annie’s Lane Rosé, available on board) or a Chardonnay (Stonier Chardonnay is highly recommended), this platter will leave you coming back for more.

Main course- Veal

If veal isn’t your cup of tea (cut of meat, rather), then there’s a delicious chicken main available too. Perfectly tender oven-roasted chicken breast served with a side of spinach mash, grilled asparagus and an exquisitely balanced chimichurri is, without a doubt, the healthier option.

Main course- Chicken

While the scintillating cabaret show plays out; a true treat to watch, the dessert platter arrives. With a classic light vanilla bean panna cotta, a decadent chocolate cake and a divine tiramisu, for two to share, you’ll most likely not want to!

Dessert Platter on Sydney Showboats

As for the vegetarians, a generous serving of a subtle marriage of blushing roma tomatoes, asparagus spears and avocado officiated with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar is sure to rouse your tastebuds for the meal ahead. Served for mains, a brilliant magenta-hued savoury beetroot ravioli garnished with pine nuts and raisins cooked in a silky French butter sauce (beurre blanc), can get anyone converting to vegetarianism! A decadent tiramisu with a hint of coffee flavours that seem to hit just the right spot, served alongside a fruit platter is the perfect swan song to this meal.

Vegetarian Ravioli

Luxurious yet unpretentious, glamorous yet understated, riveting yet allowing for conversation - this dinner cruise in Sydney is the crème de la crème of dinner cruises out on the harbour, striking just the right balance.

*Disclaimer: This blog is based on the current menu on Sydney Showboats dinner cruise in Sydney. Menu may be subject to minor changes.*

Posted on April 29, 2019

by Sydney Showboats

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