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Luxury at its Best Aboard Sydney Harbour Cruises

Harbour cruise dinner
Sydney harbour dinner cruise

Sydney Harbour, with its wide expanses and hidden coves, is ripe for exploration. There are countless cruise and luxury boat operators along the Sydney waterfront as they see a great demand throughout the seasons. You can also choose a privately chartered boat for a seamless luxury at its best. Then there are the unique Sydney Harbour dinner cruises and lunch cruises that take you in for a zip through the harbour waters and a delicious meal. 

Skippered Cruises 

Skippered cruises are best if you prefer formal dining, spending a night in five-star digs or perhaps go fishing with state-of-the-art gear. Most cruises are highly customisable too—providing you freelance chefs or in-house culinary teams who can exact your requirements without much hustle. Another advantage of choosing a skippered cruise is that you can maximise your time on the harbour with a cruise extension at a reasonable rate. A longer cruise booking can also be an opportunity for you to explore the secluded national park waterways and lesser-known hidden beaches. 

Self-drive or Bareboat Charter Options 

How would you like to have a self-drive boating experience minus the skipper and crew? In Sydney, booking a bareboat charter is quite easy because all you need to do is to have a valid boat license. Or if you don’t have one, you can sign a statutory declaration that confirms your ability. Now, if you have no experience at all and are simply feeling adventurous, there are operators in the city that will let you hire a boat after you undertake a basic training session. However, you should keep in mind that you might not be able to travel around the waters as far as you might on a skippered boat. 

Cruise Agents

If you’re someone looking for a venue to host one of your events, parties or a get together, a cruise on Sydney Harbour would be the best option to consider. Many skippered luxury boat services on the harbour cater to the top end of the market, offering more than 100 skippered yachts available for hire across Australia. From standard four-hour harbour cruises to weeklong tours along the New South Wales coast, an online cruise agent will give you many options to choose from. 

Quick Trips on Board Regular Cruises 

Regular cruises on Sydney Harbour are a crowd-favourite in the city. Be it the tourists or the locals visiting the harbour, the regular cruises are always a hit when it comes to offering a holistic sightseeing cum dining experience. The way the harbour looks in the daylight is altogether different to how it looks at night. For the same reason, we have both lunch and dinner cruises in Sydney which offer unique views. A regular cruise option will typically include a freshly prepared menu, beverages(either included or available as an upgrade) and mesmerising views. The close-up views of the iconic harbour attractions including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are a major highlight about these cruises.  

Chartering one of these cruises is also another wonderful option. As Sydney’s leading cruise operator, Australian Cruise Group offers some amazing dinner cruise packages at exciting prices. Come on board our famous Showboat dinner cruise for an amazing dining experience that also includes a 1-hour show called “Voyage of Love”, performed by experienced chefs. What better way to celebrate the spirit of Sydney Harbour than a luxury cruise! 

For a more satisfying and memorable cruising experience in the city, you can also opt for a quick trip or overnighting at one of Sydney’s luxury vessels. However, before you dive into it, we suggest you look out for cruise deals that give you a good offer on the prices, which are often higher than a regular cruise experience in Sydney.

Posted on July 30, 2021

by Sydney Showboats

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