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‘Floating Theatre’

Sydney is no stranger to novel dining venues and one such iconic venue is a quaint (not-so) little dinner cruise cruising the illustrious Sydney Harbour. Transport yourself to an era bygone - the iconic red paddlewheeler and the white purpose-built exterior of the Showboat. Since its humble beginnings back in 1987, the primary focus has always been to provide patrons with an unforgettable evening of fine dining and entertainment. 

And this supreme example of a ‘Floating Theatre’ has continued to live up to and exceed expectations.. 

Embark On The ‘Voyage of Love’

Witness a scintillating cabaret performance unfold before your eyes on your next memorable Sydney Harbour dinner cruise. With a stellar reputation of living up to a premium dining and cruising experience out on Sydney Harbour, this dinner cruise has been around since 1987. The theatre-style pillarless design of the vessel facilitates an uninterrupted view of the hour-long cabaret show called ‘Voyage of Love’! 

What is this show, you ask? Read on to find out more. 

Cabaret Calling 

Embodying traditional French cabaret in an Australian soul, the Showboat experience is unrivalled. The universal languages of love, music and dance combine forces with Australian sensibilities to create something that so very global yet quintessentially close to home. All of this as you enjoy an elaborate dinner menu! 

The stage is set, lights are dimmed and the show begins.. 

Musical Musings

The talented songstresses lead you on a musical tribute of famed performers from the 80’s. Their poetic and silken voices romance the lyrics to create a spectacle worthy of praise and resounding applause. From the roaring 80’s, you quickly find yourself relaxing in a blues den in New York. 

You may want to sit down for what’s next..

Stocking Scintillation 

The lights dim down and the spotlights guide your vision. A medley of jazz, stockings and unbridled sensuality - the very essence of Las Vegas comes alive with this sultry routine performed by the Showboat follies using chairs, reminiscent of early speakeasies. 

Cruise all the way, across the seas, to Brazil..

Colourful Carnival 

Experience the vibrant colours and the undeniable vivid spirits right here in Australia without even leaving your seat! The rhythmic up-beat Brazilian tunes coupled with feathery costumes, headdresses and celebratory choreography is sure to leave you transfixed! 

The fiery flamenco is soon to set the stage ablaze..

Fiery Flamenco 

Set to the tireless music of strumming guitars, the melodious clanking of tambourines and echoing with beats of stomping feet, the feisty dance of Flamenco sets the stage ablaze. The bright scarlet flamenco dresses fluttering away, swaying in sync with the beats, a true treat to the eyes and ears! The flamenco is a well-narrated story of passion.

From Spanish amor to African mysticism..

Zanzibar’s Zeal & Cryptic Cairo

Unravel the mysteries of historical exotic dance forms and tunes. The agile dancers’ movements reflect a raw, primal energy that has a compelling story of love to tell. The unmistakable African beats combined with theatrical expressions makes for a routine worth remembering. 

Emotive dances continue as we proceed to the bustling Bombay streets..

Bollywood Beats 

The fancy footwork in tandem with the upbeat music and classic choreography makes this segment of the show a local favourite with our guests. Bollywood music has the innate ability to get everyone tapping their feet and grooving to the music. Paired with bright costumes and expressions to match, you’ll have to keep yourself from dancing along! 

What’s a cabaret without Can-Can..

Can You Can-Can?

A brazen good time and a good share of leg lifts - the Can Can in the bright French colours, is one of the high-energy routines performed by our Showboat follies! The infamous flashing of the petticoats and the flippant flirtatious theatrics have the ability to transport you to the 1800s to a secret ballroom in Montparnasse. 

A shift from classical French Can-Can to a fairly modern genre of music..

The K-Pop beat drop

Another extremely popular segment of the show is the K-Pop routine. A recent addition, but one that seems like it’ll be around for a while given its fan following! The cheerleader outfits and a routine to get you snapping your fingers and singing along, this one’s definitely here to stay. 

Finally, though, home is where the heart is..

Closer To Home 

Concluding the hour-long journey around the world on the ‘Voyage of Love’ brings you right back to Australia. A tribute to the land we live in and love; our favourite city and its appeal to local and international audiences; there’s something for everyone.

Posted on July 18, 2019

by Sydney Showboats

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