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What Happens On Sydney’s “World-Famous Dinner Cruise”?

voyage of love show
Voyage of Love- Sydney Showboat

A tale of old-world glamour, colourful choreography and vibrant costumes with a delectable dining menu - does the Sydney Showboat dinner cruise really have it all? 

Following the recommendation of a dear friend of mine, I decided to head on out to the Sydney Showboat on a dinner cruise and find out for myself. Here’s an in-depth insight into how the entire experience played out right from booking online to the end of the evening when we finally departed the boat. 

Booking online

Booking the dinner cruise online was a seamless procedure. In just 3 quick clicks, it was done - I received my email confirmation for a dinner cruise with drinks almost immediately. The website also had a friendly chat agent (Hello Ann!) who was extremely prompt and well-informed and answered all of my doubts regarding the cruise. The excitement to cruise that weekend had kicked in full force!

Arriving at the wharf 

The weather was simply perfect, the setting sun using its Midas touch to cast golden shadows across the wharf. The Australian Cruise Group office was quite easy to find and using our booking confirmations, the friendly reservations staff at the desk printed out our boarding passes and directed us to the wharf where our cruising chariot awaits. 

First impressions

At first glance, the iconic red and white exterior of the boat has a way of commanding attention -  with the red paddlewheeler and the sturdy masts framing the front of the vessel! Oozing inviting old-world charm, we approached the vessel to find a couple of smiling Showgirls in colourful costumes waiting to lead us in. It was truly spectacular- we felt like VIPs! 


Walking into the large dining saloon, we were lead to our seats. Seated right in front of the stage, we were pleased- we didn’t want to miss any part of the show! The warm lights flooding the saloon shifted our glance to the artfully placed entrée platter on our table. Seating was comfortable and the tables were clean. I believe there’s a date night upgrade too, at an extra charge, if you’d like assured window seating! 

The Cruise

We were quite apprehensive about cruising in winter since we assumed that the waters may be quite choppy, but it was all ‘smooth sailing’! As we left the wharf, we enjoyed munching on the delicious entrées. A feature that I really enjoyed was the on-stage celebrations for those onboard for special occasions- they were handed a glass of champagne and shook a leg with the showgirls! 

Harbour Views 

Out on the Sydney Harbour, this dinner cruise offered exquisite views. We posed for several photos, our camera shutters were going off constantly! The mysterious blacks of the night skies contrasted by the illuminated Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge were an absolute visual spectacle! 


This was one of the main reasons I wanted to go on this harbour cruise dinner! I had seen mouth-watering images of a few items off the menu on their Instagram feed and I knew I had to give it a shot. There are 5 mains to choose from and I would highly recommend the vegetarian ravioli (even if you’re not a vegetarian), because it is just THAT good!  The dessert platter alone will have me coming back for another cruise- simply delicious!

Show: Voyage of Love

The 1-hour show was a visual treat- flawless choreography, limitless energy and stunning boys and girls in sync with the beat! The costumes and the versatility of the performances has us all clapping along- we couldn’t get our eyes off the stage. The singers harmonised perfectly and just made the show an all-around great experience! 

I will definitely be back again- flawless customer service, a brilliant fun show, incredible views and delicious food- the Sydney Showboat ACTUALLY has it all. 

*This blog is based on my personal experience on the Sydney Showboats dinner cruise with drinks. The company also runs special event cruises including spectacular New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney and exclusive Vivid Sydney cruises, among others.

Posted on July 18, 2019

by Sydney Showboats

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