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Sydney Harbour by Night

The harbour at night is like a glittering jewel in Sydney’s crown. After the sun goes down, a dinner cruise in Sydney is your best bet to enjoy roving views of the illuminated harbour shoreline and its shimmering reflection in the calm waters.

The glorious majesty of Sydney Harbour at night and its picturesque beauty during the day are incomparable experiences, to say the least. Sydney's architectural marvels tell a completely different story under a twinkling night sky, when juxtaposed with the sun rays bouncing off them during the day.

To feel dwarfed by the imposing magnificence of the Harbour Bridge and impressive white sails of the Opera House lit up against the night sky is a breathtaking experience that can only be enjoyed at night.

All dolled up in glittering gold lights, Luna Park also makes a stand-out appearance with its wide toothy grin and raised eyebrows!

So, don’t miss out on experiencing Sydney Harbour at night… It stands head and shoulders above all the beautiful places in Sydney!

Sydney Harbour

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