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Show: Voyage of Love

‘The Voyage of Love’ is an exciting cabaret show bringing together breathtaking dance moves and enchanting song routines from all around the world. But, it’s definitely our talented cast that makes the show exhilarating! Our glamorous all-Australian dancers, Showboat follies and vocally-enchanting songstress will awe you with their jaw-dropping performances that are guaranteed to leave you spellbound!

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Let The Show Begin

Taking you back to the 1800s, the show rekindles an old-world love affair of extravagance and elegance, featuring a cavalcade of ever-changing performances and costumes.

French Fantasies Come Alive

The sequin-clad Showboat follies tell of a tale that brings together a magical combination of music, dance and colours from Paname - so French yet done with an Aussie touch. The City of Light and its many fantasies come alive right in the heart of the harbour city.

The Fabulous Follies

Breathing life into hand-painted costumes decorated with feathers, glitter and colour, the stunning Showboat Follies put up an exhilarating show and create an evening to remember.

Songs That Make You Spellbound

The evening starts off with a song rendition by our talented songstress, her voice warmer than a lover’s embrace, effortlessly touching all souls and received with resounding applause.

Get Transported To A World Away

The talented troupe and their energetic spirit transport you to lands far away. From the windmills of Paris to the blues dens of New York and the doorsteps of suburban Mumbai landscapes join them on an enticing voyage conveyed through brilliant choreography.



The Sydney Showboat prelude pays tribute to the stars of the Eighties world with a rhythmic Latino dance drawing inspiration from Cuba. The singers of this era romanced audiences with their balance and energised dance numbers, paving the way for contemporary Latin pop.

new york

New York

New York’s musical brew is a concoction that has evolved from the blues dens to jazz halls to rock concerts that eventually paved the way for the unconventional hip-hop, disco, punk and salsa! Then along came Broadway with the extravagance of musical theatre, lending another dimension to New York’s entertainment scene. With New York, one can safely say that change is the only constant!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The Cabaret made its way from Europe to America during the Prohibition Era with dancers setting Chicago aflame with seductive and bodacious routines choreographed to the trumpeting of jazz. Performed at speakeasy clubs, these cabarets were primarily a distraction from the mobsters who covertly flouted prohibition rules. But this creative art form eventually found wings to fly with stars of the period lending their voices to cabaret performances!



The Brazilian Carnival comes alive with a flurry of feathers, bold colours, vibrant drum beats and dancing. Brazilian music is known for its energy, passion and sentiment and the accompanying dance forms are nothing short of spectacular. Home to world-renowned dances such as the Samba, Lambada, Choro and Bossa Nova, Brazilians are known to live it up when it comes to celebrations!



Spanish dance conjures up images of strumming guitars, tambourines, stomping feet, sombreros and bright flamenco dresses. With the strong influence of gypsy music and dance during the Baroque period, the feisty Flamenco rose to national and international fame drowning the diversity offered by traditional regional dances. Spanish music and the classical guitar are iconic elements that have helped shape the Western music tradition.



The Land of the Pharaohs continues to fascinate the world with its history and mysticism. Legend has it that Osiris, the God of the Afterlife, championed the cause of music to tame the people and civilise the barbaric world. Egyptian music and dance began as ritualistic celebrations in praise of Hathor and Bes, their Gods of Music, which later trickled into all forms of worship and social celebrations. The traditional Sufi Dhikr closely reflects the features, rhythms and instruments of ancient Egyptian forms.



The heart of Africa beats to the rhythm of the thumping drum, weaving music and dance into the social tapestry of its people. Every limb, movement and expression exudes raw, primal energy that tells a gripping tale of love, morals or history. The human voice is a powerful and punctuating instrument that calls the tribes to gather around and celebrate the rhythm of life.



What’s a Paris cabaret without the extravagant CanCan and the glorious leg-lift? The CanCan dance emerged from the secret ballrooms of Montparnasse in the 1830s and became a scandalous way for dancers to kick up their skirts and lift their legs, while male dancers mastered moves to show off their own virility and prowess. Flippant and flirtatious, the Paris cabaret depicted the city’s latent desire to lead a liberating, free-spirited, Bohemian life!


This segment will evoke the nostalgia and longing for home that every Australian identifies with. Its popular melody and patriotic overtones make this heart-rending composition as desirable as the Australian National Anthem.

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